good work, good people.

We believe that there is nothing more powerful than the aligning of interests. We love to work with schools, non-profits, impactful organizations, and people with impactful plans. We know if we can save you time and money, you can use that to have a greater impact.

two birds, one stone.

Based on the idiom of killing two birds with one stone, we aim to improve the world we live in as well as create high quality clothing. For us it is all about creating impactful educational initiatives, supporting innovative companies, and bringing people together. 

Made In Gardena

We are proudly rooted in the City of Gardena— a city within the Los Angeles area and with a rich tradition in manufacturing. From the heart of the apparel world, we deliver quality and on trend orders through the entire United States (Hawaii and Alaska too!)

we’re here to help.

We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your dreams and how we can help.