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fostering a trail of goodness.

Since our inception in 2007 we decided that doing good was the side we wanted to be on. Now more known as social entrepreneurship, we seek opportunities to have an impact and help others to do the same. 

education for all.

We spent years researching and visiting the best factories in the world.

Factories that we could trust and that were aligned with our values. Although all of the printing, finishing, and fulfillment is done in our Los Angeles facility (Gardena), we start the process in other countries. Many of these places do not offer a quality option for free education and sending your child to school can be burdensome. For this reason, we have a scholarship available to everyone working in our partner factories abroad so that their child can have their tuition paid for. This is one example of how your small purchase adds to our long trail of goodness!


Each order goes through rigorous quality control so that your item is made to the highest standard. We do all this while maintaining competitive pricing, so that your budget is the only thing that is NOT impacted.

you want it?
we got it.

We are up to date on all of the latest designs, decoration methods, and trends. Go ahead. Test us!